Close cousins to the true ferns, Spikemoss forms a low creeping mat of feathery leaves making a beautiful carpet that lends itself to creating some beautiful scenes in containers.  Also perfect for creating a hill effect in scaping!


    Spikemoss spreads like wildfire so make sure you keep it well trimmed in yoru terrarium!


    Because it is a fern cousin it likes moist soil and shade, so if you are using this to create your own indoor garden, make sure you plant it with other shade loving plants.  Perfect for closed terrariums!

  • Supply and Delivery

    The size of the plant you receive will depend on the time of year this fern is ordered. In early Spring this fern is growing and will be a small plug plant. We aim to send out plants that have a fair amount of growth but are still a good size to plant in your terrarium before too much growth sets in.