Also called house leeks or chicks and hens, the sempervivum are a group of 40 flowering plants. 


    These beautiul plants grow as leaves clustered together in rosettes; each of these rosettes produces 'baby' rosettes and all will grow together to form handsome clumps which can then be seperated to make lots of other little plants. The easiest of plants to propogate and get free plants! 

    Some of these succulents will produce beautiful flowers during the summer months so keep an eye out for those, and if planting in a container make sure the plants flowers won't hit the top! 

    We would generally suggest that these, along with other succulents and cacti, are not suitable for enclosed, high-sided because of their dry habit preference (no fish bowls), and are certainly NOT suitable for closed terrariums - they will die!  Think dish or compote style vessels with low sides where the soil can almost touch the top and the plants can site above the rim in the open air.


    If you wish to plant these in a container make sure it is as open as possible and deep enough to give a good layer of drainage and soil. 


    Supplied in 12cm pots


    As easy to grow but slow growing succulents, they like sandy, well draining soil and little water. They tolerate hot, dry conditions easily and need very little in the way of feeding. When watering make the soil moist but not soaking and allow to dry completely before watering again. You might even see the leaves swell when you water.