Nerve Plant

Nerve Plant


Fittonia, also called the Nerve plant, make a lovely houseplant and are a perfect terrarium inhabitant. Fittonia are creeping evergreen perennials with rooting stems and broadly elliptic, rich green leaves with an attractive tracery of silvery veins. It can flower tiny white flowers and is evergreen.


    Fittonias make beautiful houseplants and come in a variety of species, all with different coloured leaves and veins. We sell a mix of species depending on what the supplier has at the time, so you will be sent whichever is available at the time of ordering.  Supplied in a 5cm pot.


    Fittonias like indirect light so don't place them on a sunny windowsill, especially if they are in glass or they will suffer from burn.

    When in growth water moderately, keeping just moist and apply a balanced liquid fertiliser monthly. Keep barely moist in winter


    Fittonia require very high, constant humidity (typical to a terrarium), but cannot stand stagnant conditions so they are not suitable for closed terrariums or high levels of watering. If you are growing in a terrarium make sure there are plenty of pebbles at the bottom for drainage.  Plants should be kept constantly moist, with high ambient humidity. Mist frequently or grow in a tray with pebbles and water if not in a terrarium.