A blue/grey, fleshy succulent which grows in a rosette formation. The most popular and well known of succulents, this much loved houseplant is found in homes up and down the country.


    Echeveri was discovered by the Mexican botanical artist Atanasio Echeverria in the later 18th century.

    Native to moutainous terrains in Mexico, Argentina and Texas, there are over 150 different species of Echeveria. They all share the same distinguishing feature of the rosette formation of their leaves.


    Supplied in 5cm pots


    Echeveria need sunlight to keep the beautiful leaf colour and healthy appearance, however if by some miracle the UK temperature hits more than 30 degrees celsius you should move the plant somewhere more shady and give it some extra air. 


    If possible try to water these from underneath by gently lifting their leaves, or if possible standing their pot in rainwater. 


    If you Echeveria becomes leggy, ie. it sprouts from the middle instead of growing in a neat flat shape, you can simply snip of the excess growth and pop it in a tub of soil when it forms new roots and water it. It will soon take root and your original plant will continue to grow in its proper shape. And you'll get free plants!


    And as with all succulents, don't leave plant this in a high sided vessel.