Crassula Hottentot

Crassula Hottentot


Crassula Hottentot, commonly known as Jade Necklace or Chinese Pagoda, is a species of succulent native to South Africa, Lesotho and Swaziland.


    There are over 600 species in this group of plants - amazing! Its curious thick and rounded leaves (with a slight tip at the apex) appear around the stem resembling the beads of a necklace and it produces small white flowers in clusters. 


    Supplied in 12cm pots


    The Hottentot needs bright light but not direct sunlight as this will burn the plant. It needs soil that is well drained and you should water moderately with a small amount of water waiting for the soil to dry well between each irrigation.  Over watering will kill the plant.

    Feed with liquid succulent fertilizer monthly during spring and summer.

  • Stats

    Supplied in a 12cm pot

    A large, well established plant

    Arid conditions

    Easy to propogate from borken stems or cuttings

    Great beginners plant

    Will flower in the right conditions

    Bushy habit