Woodsia Obtusa or the Bluntlobe Cliff Fern, is a lovely little ferns with tufted light green lance shaped frongs. A deciduous fern it is native to the mountain regions of the northern hemishpere.

Bluntlobe Cliff Fern


    Woodsia obtusa is a small, easy-to-grow, American native fern and is found growing on rock ledges and cliffs. This airy fern has a tufted appearance and slow creeping rhizomes which make a nice, compact, mound. It typically grows 6-9" tall and features erect, pinnately divided, light green to gray-green fronds. This fern is named after the English architect and botanical author Joseph Woods.


    The Cliff Fern requires shade to light sun and moist but not soaking soil. It is deciduous so will die back in winter and re-emerge in spring. In the autumn cut down any brown stems and remove them from your terrarium so that they don't rot and cause mould. Keep the soil moist but not soaking in winter as the fern will still need moisture. Increase watering during the spring when it will start to regrow.

  • Supply and Delivery

    The size of the plant you receive will depend on the time of year this fern is ordered. In early Spring this fern is growing and will be a small plug plant. We aim to send out plants that have a fair amount of growth but are still a good size to plant in your terrarium before too much growth sets in.


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