Arium - a place for, or associated with something

There are 3 types of arium available:

Terr - Arium - a natural, landscaped vessel with plants and soil

Moss - Arium - a vessel planted purely with moss

Pres - Arium - (my own word!) - a vessel planted with preserved real moss or grass. 

Current Ariums

What's the difference in the types of ariums?

Traditional terr-ariums are usually planted with soil and plants.  They can either be open or closed. Open terrariums generally have plants like succulents or cacti, or plants that like normal growing conditions.  Closed terrariums tend to have plants like ferns or more tropical natured plants that like humid and damp conditions.

Moss - ariums are exactly as the name describes. These can also be open or closed, in a low bowl or in a glass jar.  They are planted purely with moss, generally, otherwise they become a terrarium.  These scaped ariums can look spectacular and like real landscapes. The Japanese are true masters of the mossariums!

Pres - ariums are made with real moss or grass which has been preserved.  These are perfect for those that perhaps don't have the greenest fingers or who don't have time to care for plants but want a bit of greenery in their homes. Again, like mossariums, these vessels can be stunning and because they don't need real soil, it leaves space to get really creative!

Choosing the right arium for your time and home is really important as they all need specific care to stay healthy. So if you are planning on buying one of my handmade ariums, or want to make one for yourself, please take time to read abit more about each type here.